Advanced V2X connectivity solution from Cohda

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Australia-based Cohda Wireless claims to have developed the world’s most advanced and versatile V2X connectivity solution, as the company seeks to support the introduction of connected vehicles on international smart roadways.

The connectivity solution, named the MK6 RSU (Road-Side Unit) and OBU (On-Board Unit), delivers comprehensive connectivity capability as standard, including DSRC, C-V2X, LTE/5G and wi-fi/Bluetooth.

Cohda Wireless believes the MK6 platform will strengthen its position in the connected vehicle technology sector, with the company’s V2X stack and applications claimed as the most widely deployed of their type in the industry.

Described as a capable, versatile and powerful platform, the dual concurrent technology capability of the MK6 is said to provide users with the reliability, flexibility and interoperability they require for deployments anywhere in the world.

“More and more cities across the world are actively embarking on initiatives to introduce connected vehicles on their roads, and we developed the MK6 with the intent that it would become the undisputed connectivity solution of choice,” explained Dr Paul Gray, chief executive officer at Cohda Wireless.

He continued, “City transport authorities want to invest confidently in futureproof products. When they equip their traffic lights and other roadside infrastructure with the MK6 Road-Side Unit, they are deploying a road-ready solution that can reduce congestion and road accidents. Other than its versatility in connectivity, the MK6 also boasts improved security and processing power for unique and complex applications.”

The company’s technology has featured in two production vehicle platforms, including the 2019 Volkswagen Mk8 Golf, which utilized Cohda’s V2X smarts.

“We are approaching a tipping point and we expect the MK6 to be a catalyst for increased momentum,” added Gray. “The MK6 is the all-rounder solution that makes it easy for the entire industry, especially cities and transport authorities, to participate in the evolution of the world’s transport systems.”

The MK6 features NXP Semiconductors’ RoadLink SAF5400 and an SXF1800 chipset, in addition to the Qualcomm Snapdragon Auto 5G Modem-RF Platform. The system will be available from December 2022.

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