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UK startup Wayve claims that algorithms enable its cars to drive on never-seen-before urban roads with just cameras and a basic satnav.

According to the company, the solution to self-driving is machine learning, which it says is surpassing hand-engineered systems. Wayve wrote in a recent company blog, “Intelligent behavior cannot be hand-coded, but can be learned through experience. We’ve built a system that can drive like a human, using only cameras and a satnav. This is only possible with end-to-end machine learning.”

The new system, Wayve says, means that autonomous cars can operate without many commonly seen features, among them HD maps, expensive sensor/ computer suites, and hand-coded rules.

In this video, you can see Wayve’s system driving on public roads in Cambridge, UK. The car is driving on roads it has never been on before using just a simple satnav route map and basic cameras.

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