University team working on self-driving electric SUV


A team at Mississippi State University’s (MSU) Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS) has been working for about a year on the development of a self-driving, electric SUV. The Halo Project car could reach completion this year.

“When a car company produces a high-end vehicle that showcases all of its greatest technology, built to celebrate a brand’s engineering prowess, that vehicle is called a halo car. This new project is MSU’s halo car,” said Matthew Doude, associate director at CAVS and lead on the Halo Project.

“The halo car highlights MSU’s advanced engineering capabilities and demonstrates how research partnerships are helping us drive new technologies to the forefront.”

The car is designed to navigate on- and off-road autonomously. Data from four lidar sensors, radar and stereo cameras is fed into an onboard supercomputer from Nvidia.

Photo: Megan Bean


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