Hyundai and Cisco target 2019 for hyper-connected vehicles


Hyundai and Cisco, which are collaborating to enable next-generation in-vehicle networking to cater for the increased data demands of autonomous driving, plan to deploy hyper-connected production vehicles in 2019. They are moving away from Controller Area Network (CAN) to Ethernet technology, for processing speeds of up to 1Gbps and integrated data control.

To provide secure access to all the vehicle’s data, the two companies have developed a platform using the first generation of 1Gps architecture and automotive Ethernet with QoS. They say this also provides maximum bandwidth, new capabilities and high configurability – enabling over-the-air updates.

Integrated, enhanced security and end-to-end networking are also offered by the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) platform. The solution enables both IP and Ethernet services, so legacy buses and devices will work with the new Ethernet technologies.


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