Velodyne Lidar sensors advance TLD’s autonomous solutions for airports and industrial sites

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Velodyne Lidar, Inc. has announced a three-year agreement with TLD, a global leader in ground support equipment. TLD uses Velodyne lidar sensors in production of its TractEasy autonomous electric baggage tractor that enables increased productivity, efficiency and labor savings in airport and industrial operations. 

TLD will grow its TractEasy tractor fleet, a zero-emission driverless tow tractor that transfers baggage and freight from airport terminals to aircraft areas, equipped with Velodyne’s sensors. TractEasy has a top speed of 25km/h with a maximum traction capacity of 25 tons. 

Velodyne’s sensors enable TLD’s TractEasy to navigate in complex and live ramp environments to move cargo and does not require any infrastructure change. 

Erich Smidt, executive director Europe at Velodyne Lidar, says, “These tractors demonstrate how Velodyne lidar sensors provide the range and field of view needed to gain visibility on what’s ahead on dynamic roadways, and detect and avoid potential obstacles for safe logistics operations.” 

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