Bosch unifies V2X communication standards

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Bosch has developed a universal connectivity unit that can communicate using all the different V2X standards in connected vehicles. With software from Silicon Valley startup Veniam, the solution combines connectivity units and telematics units to always choose the right transmission technology.

China is banking primarily on using cellular-V2X technology (C-V2X), while Europe and the USA are planning to additionally introduce transmission standards based on wi-fi (DSRC and ITS-G5), alongside C-V2X. This mix of standards makes it challenging for manufacturers to ensure connected vehicles work around the world and communicate effectively with each other.

“Bosch is taking a multi-standard approach when it comes to V2X. We have developed a universal connectivity unit capable of communicating using all of the transmission standards implemented in connected automobiles,” said Dr Dirk Hoheisel, member of the board of management at Robert Bosch.

The Veniam software selects the right communication standard for the situation, but also manages data transmission, monitoring the costs and data transmission latency of each alternative connection option. This means it prioritizes critical safety data while putting – for example – OTA software updates on hold until a home wi-fi connection is available.

“The unique combination of Veniam’s smart networking software and Bosch’s connectivity unit boosts the vehicle’s data-handling capacities dramatically, paving the way for innovative cloud services and much safer future mobility,” said João Barros, founder and CEO of Veniam.

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