Valens Semiconductor and Intel collaborate on automotive MIPI A-PHY implementations

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A collaboration between Valens Semiconductor and Intel will see the duo develop MIPI A-PHY-compliant automotive technologies for foundry customers, using Valens Semiconductor’s knowledge on MIPI A-PHY technologies.

The partnership aims to boost the growing A-PHY ecosystem by enabling third parties from within the automotive sector to speed up their time to market for A-PHY systems. These include Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and System on a Chip (SoC) technologies, based on Intel Foundry Services’ (IFS) design and fabrication.

Viewed as one of the toughest standards for long-reach connectivity and advancing ADAS, AD, IVI and other vehicular applications, MIPI A-PHY makes it much easier to integrate lidar, radar and cameras for limited and full vehicle autonomy. It can also be used to improve the connectivity of high-resolution safety and infotainment displays.

“Our priority at Intel Foundry Services is to invest in disruptive technologies that can help our customers accelerate time to market,” said Nivruti Rai, vice president, Intel Foundry Services, and general manager, IFS Automotive Solutions Group. “As the most cutting-edge high-speed connectivity technology in the automotive industry, MIPI A-PHY is well positioned for large-scale integration in cars around the world. With our combination of advanced process technology and geographically diverse capacity, we are confident that we will be able to address the strong market interest in MIPI A-PHY solutions.”

“As a pioneer in MIPI A-PHY technology, Valens Semiconductor’s primary goal has been to diversify and strengthen the A-PHY supply chain, and Intel Foundry Services is the perfect fit – as both a market and technology leader – to catapult the A-PHY ecosystem,” said Gideon Kedem, SVP and head of Automotive, Valens Semiconductor. “MIPI A-PHY is the most robust and resilient automotive connectivity technology available. Our partnership with Intel will open the door for additional automotive chip manufacturers to join the growing MIPI A-PHY Ecosystem, expend the number of suppliers providing A-PHY compliant IC products and making significant inroads toward widescale market adoption.”

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