Capgemini introduce new data management offerings

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Capgemini, a specialist in digital transformation, technology and engineering services, in conjunction with its subsidiary Altran, has released a series of Intelligent Industry offerings which it says are focused on enabling end-to-end support for the advanced driving automation systems validation and verification process.

“Autonomous driving is an exciting outcome of Intelligent Industry. But it is a complex undertaking: achieving acceptable levels of safety and reliability will require substantial verification and validation,” commented Franck Greverie, chief portfolio officer at Capgemini and group executive board member.

“A single vehicle can generate several hundreds of petabytes of data through driving. But no vehicle can drive enough miles and generate enough data to anticipate how to behave in any scenario on a public road. Virtual modeling and constant learning are needed with infrastructure and analytics to process it.

“Capgemini’s new set of driving automation systems validation service offerings can help automotive manufacturers to manage all this data and the complete validation and verification, so they can concentrate their R&D efforts in progressing to higher levels of autonomy.”

With the integration of Altran’s expertise, Capgemini claims it is pioneering Intelligent Industry. For example, using Capgemini and Altran’s combination of automotive engineering, data and technology skills, Groupe PSA has been able to move further faster on the application of the huge volume of data generated by its test campaigns.

“We wanted to work with Capgemini and Altran because of their strong skills in data oriented and cloud-based projects. Participating in a European innovation project for the automotive industry in the field of the connected and autonomous car is very challenging. This collaboration enables us to complete our data collection and processing on schedule, and helps us to deploy innovative solutions for data analysis methods on a hybrid-cloud based solution,” explained Jean-Louis Sauvaget, research and development division, expert car data acquisition and post processing for customer usage in Groupe PSA.

According to the company, achieving acceptable levels of safety and reliability to enable autonomous driving will need substantial verification and validation activity – requiring vast numbers of simulations and road tests, generating data at scales rarely seen.

Capgemini states that its driving automation systems validation offer will enable OEMs, suppliers and the wider industry to put in place the architecture and technology required for confidence, safety and trust in the driverless system, with the following:

  • Test strategy and orchestration;
  • Physical and virtual data production;
  • Data management;
  • Tools integration and digital continuity;
  • Hybrid cloud infrastructure; and
  • Full verification and validation as a service.
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