AgJunction to integrate Cognata software for off-road-AV development

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Israel-based Cognata is to integrate its simulation authoring software into autonomous agriculture specialists AgJunction’s technology, in a bid to further accelerate testing and validation of off-road vehicles and equipment.

Cognata’s AV off-road simulation is designed to test, train and validate perception and control challenges for terrains that do not offer a clear road definition and for paths that offer challenging conditions such as boulders, side slopes, difficult tractions, and more.

“Operation efficiency excellence and safety are our highest priority. After carefully evaluating several simulation solutions we have decided to choose Cognata’s platform,” said Luke McBeath, director of engineering, AgJunction. “We believe this solution will enable us to offer our customers the most advanced technology solutions.”

The software rapidly creates novel visualization and synthetic environment approaches to enable improved AI/ML training that increases reliability; reduces human error in critical mission tasks; and, the company says, positively affects trust in human-machine teaming. This simulation platform uses synthetic data with a digital twin environment and delivers a high level of realism in training and validating off-road autonomous vehicles.

“Cognata is proud to be chosen by AgJunction, supporting and accelerating their off-road vehicle technology development needs,” added Cognata’s CEO, Danny Atsmon. “Cognata’s technology rapidly creates novel visualization and synthetic environment approaches to enable improved artificial intelligence/machine learning training that increases reliability, reduces human error in critical mission tasks, and positively impacts trust in human-machine teaming.”

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