New sensor technologies at next week’s ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo

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Some of the self-driving sector’s leading sensor suppliers will be exhibiting their latest innovations at the Stuttgart Messe on June 21, 22 and 23, 2022, at ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2022, which opens next week. If you haven’t already, register now for your free exhibition fast-track entry code, to avoid the queues at the entrance.

The free-to-attend exhibition will showcase solutions ranging from ADAS to full autonomy, including advanced technologies essential for AV development, such as AI learning, sensors and the latest autonomous test and validation systems, including the state of the art in simulation and synthetic data. The exhibition hall is expected to feature around 85+ specialist exhibitors, handpicked for their pioneering ADAS and AV expertise. Leading simulation software providers include AVL, Siemens and Applied Intuition.

For maximum convenience, the event is co-located with the adjacent Automotive Testing Expo (the world’s largest vehicle test and development technologies exhibition), featuring more than 350 exhibitors, where visitors can see countless more AV and ADAS validation systems and services.

True solid-state multi-beam lidar

XenomatiX will showcase XenoLidar-X, a true-solid-state lidar designed for high-resolution, accurate analysis of the vehicle’s surroundings. The sensor is lightweight and small, ideal for seamless integration in a vehicle, drone or robot. It uses an innovative concept of performant global shutter, otherwise known as the ‘multi-beam’ process. Its true-solid-state design, mature components (VCSEL and CMOS) and working principle make it suitable for harsh environments and rough weather conditions, with a robustness that guarantees a high MTBF.

High-performance radars for increased AV safety

The many safety-improving features of Smartmicro’s radars premiering in Stuttgart include detecting potential collisions, triggering warning signals to the vehicle’s driver and supporting automated parking. The new sensors are designed to increase the safety of partly or fully autonomous vehicles, such as industrial robots, autonomous shuttles and heavy construction vehicles. Installed on a driving platform, the DRVEGRD 169 corner radar spans a fine grid for detecting and separating objects in its field of view. It enables four-dimensional measurement with true angular separation in azimuth. The field of view of a single sensor covers more than 140° horizontally and 28° in elevation. Furthermore, the sensor is ready for plug-and-play sensor data fusion for 360° coverage around a vehicle.

Visitors to the Expo will also be given exclusive insights into the most recent addition to the DRVEGRD family: DRVEGRD 171. The front/rear radar provides high resolution for collision avoidance in short range (40m) to very long range (240m). Targeting ASIL-B applications, the sensor enables integration into scalable and reliable systems and meets the challenges of the ADAS market. DRVEGRD 171 has an impressive azimuth resolution of 2° with a cycle time of 32ms. The sensor uses its antenna setup in MIMO mode, achieving higher resolution than previous models. Smartmicro will release a variant with a smaller form factor at a lower price: the DRVEGRD 152.

Full solid-state lidar modules: next-level sensing

Visitors to Stuttgart will discover how XenomatiX and Marelli Automotive Lighting have collaborated to create a new line-up of full solid-state lidar modules, using mature VCSEL and CMOS technologies. This novel lidar technology has no moving parts, making it immune to automotive shocks and vibrations. There is no mechanical scanning involved and the sensor covers full field of view, resolution, range and frame rate at the same time. The two companies have combined their different module types in standalone lidar units or embedded them into lamps (Smart Corner) and other car areas to achieve short-, mid- and long-range distance measurements. The modules’ diverse fields of view and resolutions match customers’ use case requirements. While using tracking and classification software developed in-house, both companies combine neural networks and rule-based algorithms. They have also followed Automotive SPICE, ISO 26262 ASIL B and SOTIF customer requirements during each project phase, to ensure they can fully support autonomous vehicle and ADAS functionalities.

Seamless lidar integration for 360° visibility

At this year’s show, Blickfeld will be highlighting its seamless integration concept for lidar sensors to allow an all-round view. Having already developed its own high-performance, mass-producible lidar sensing technology, Blickfeld has now collaborated with Genesis Design to create a ‘smart strip’ concept for the seamless integration of lidar sensors in cars. The concept subtly incorporates compact ‘vision mini’ sensors in multiple locations such as the headlights, rear combination lights and side mirrors to enable 360° visibility and enhance the safety of autonomous and driver-assisted mobility. The sensor technology and lighting functions are integrated into a horizontal smart strip on the vehicle to create an elegant design.

Heaters to maximize sensor performance

Maximizing sensor performance is essential for ADAS and AV systems; vision systems need to have free field of view in any weather condition because mist, condensation or ice can reduce functionality. Those seeking to safeguard their sensors should visit Backer Calesco’s booth, where the company will showcase heaters for different types of ADAS and AV sensors, including front-view, side-view, rear-view, radar, lidar and parking cameras. As one of the largest suppliers of rear-view mirror heating units, Backer Calesco understands the demands of the transportation industry and knows that all systems require heat to ensure a safe drive. Representatives will be on hand in Stuttgart to demonstrate the company’s latest heating concepts.

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Dedicated conference

You can also hear from world-leading AI, sensor fusion and sensor simulation experts at the show’s two dedicated conference tracksAutonomous Vehicle Test & Development and Autonomous Vehicle AI, Software and Sensor Fusion. One pass (rates apply) grants access to both conference tracks, for a combined program of more than 80 speakers, including experts from Amazon, BMW, Baidu, Einride, the European Commission, IBM, Intel, Mercedes-Benz, Renault and Volvo.

This is a must-attend event for anyone involved in ADAS and AV development – visit the website today to register for your free exhibition entry pass.

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