Toyota to showcase autonomous tech at 2020 Summer Olympics


At the next Olympic Games, in 2020 in Tokyo, Japan, Toyota plans to deploy a number of future mobility technologies, including hydrogen cars, MaaS and AVs.

Under the motto of ‘Mobility for All’, Toyota will perform demonstrations and verification testing of Level 4 AVs in the Toyota Water Front City and Haneda areas of the Japanese capital. As Level 4 AVs can perform all driving functions in well-defined areas of operation, they are especially beneficial to disabled people.

In addition to these dedicated AVs, Toyota will also provide a fleet of more than 3,000 passenger vehicles with hydrogen fuel cell or hybrid powertrains for a variety of uses. Some of these will feature Toyota’s ‘Highway Teammate’, a Level 2 automated driving function that allows hands-off driving on motorways.

By Illya Verpraet


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