First deployment for Trimble’s map-based localization system

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Positioning technology specialist Trimble has announced the first deployment of its map-based localization system for land-based autonomous vehicle applications. IHI Corporation, a heavy industry manufacturer based in Japan, will retrofit its existing container and haulage trucks with a customized Applanix POS LV system, as part of its broader autonomy capabilities for the transportation of goods around industrial facilities.

Trimble notes that map-based localization provides precise positioning and orientation estimation, augmenting GNSS/inertial data, which is critical for safe and efficient autonomous vehicle operations. The ability to provide IHI Corporation a full workflow and real-time data ensures seamless integration into IHI’s truck design.

The custom-built, locally supported system leverages Trimble’s engineering capabilities and technology to provide reliable performance across a variety of challenging environments. Using the system, IHI Corporation will be able to provide robust positioning for its autonomous fleet without the need for additional site infrastructure, lowering capital expenditure (CAPEX) costs and improving scalability.

Trimble has tailored POS LV to work within IHI’s unique specifications and existing autonomous platform, with the map-based localization system coupling an inertial navigation system (INS) with simultaneous localization and mapping-based (SLAM) capabilities, all of which work with several types of sensors, including lidar. POS LV provides an accurate base map using post-processed data and localizes vehicle positioning in real time, enabling the reliable and safe autonomous operation of industrial vehicles.

IHI is continually enhancing its work environments, while also compensating for varying labor scenarios and personnel shortages. The need to automate transportation has become critical to operations. The complexities of the evolving industrial manufacturing environment require solutions that can be tailored to a customer’s specific application requirements. By partnering with Trimble, IHI says it has been able to develop a retrofit system that addresses two major challenges—affordability and consistent reliability—within the autonomous operation of large-scale industrial equipment.

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