EXPO NEWS | Day 2: Verification and validation platform

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Foretellix, which recently secured US$43m in a Series C funding round to bring its total raised capital to over US$93m, is at ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart to once again demonstrate its Foretify safety-driven verification and validation (SDV) platform, already in use with customers such as the Volvo Group and Daimler Truck subsidiary Torc.

Foretify generates, orchestrates and executes millions of scenarios and safety checks in virtual simulation to uncover edge cases and bugs early and efficiently, while aggregating the results and reporting testing and safety metrics. The platform helps bridge the gap between real-world testing and virtual simulation, using advanced AI technology to analyze driving logs captured during road testing to match and extract scenarios, highlight anomalies and collect metrics. Extracted scenarios can be retested in virtual simulation at scale to explore additional test variations, leveraging the accuracy of the original real-world source.

The company has already established partnerships with major simulation companies, including IPG, Nvidia, dSpace, Vires, aiMotive and Cognata; and has also led the ASAM OpenScenario 2.0 (OSC2.0) standard development revolutionizing how safety is developed and tested in automated driving systems.

“Foretellix is really the safe train to ride, when you want to ensure the safety of your automated driving systems and advanced ADAS – and Foretify is the locomotive of this train,” commented Gil Amid, chief regulatory affairs officer, VP operations and co-founder, Foretellix, during the show. “Our technology enables large-scale virtual testing, ensuring safety, data analysis, optimization and everything you need to reduce the cost of testing, while increasing the productivity of your engineers, your coverage and overall safety assurance.”

Visit Foretellix on Booth 6110 and read more about its technology here.

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