AVT Expo Novi: SBG Systems showcases compact inertial navigation system

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SBG Systems exhibited its Quanta series unit, a dual-antenna GNSS inertial navigation system at this week’s Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Novi, Michigan. Compared with the company’s other systems, the Quanta is intended for easy integration, allowing developers to create their own breakout box around the development board, rather than having to integrate the existing box into a vehicle. It allows developers to have the velocity, position and orientation of the car, and can integrate that data with other data, such as sensor data from lidar, radar and cameras.

“This kind of device is an engineer’s bread and butter, because they’re able to play with the PCB board, making it better for integration in an existing system,” says a company spokesperson.

SBG offer four tiers of performance accuracy in its positioning devices, ranging from the ultra-compact Ellipse Micro to navigation-grade devices.

To provide a full solution, SBG also offers its own INS/GNSS post-processing software. Qinertia enhances the company’s inertial navigation systems performance by post-processing inertial data with raw GNSS observables.

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