Fiber connections and ICs for automotive IoT applications

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Software development and edge AI solution company Funzin has integrated the KD1053 IC (integrated circuit) and integrated KD9351 FOT (fiber optic transceiver) from fiber optic gigabit connectivity specialist KDPOF in its FAIP 3.0 automotive IoT platform and Photon edge AI device for automotive.

“An automated driving car requires networks capable of controlling and processing a great deal of sensor data,” explained Deuk Hwa Kim, CEO/president of Funzin. “Our automotive network solution features an Ethernet backbone environment based on plastic optical fiber (POF) to eliminate electronic wave interference.”

The new system solution provides the gigabit communication infrastructure needed for sending and receiving high-capacity data. “We are happy to support the FAIP 3.0 and Photon with our new KD9351 FOT that, in combination with the continuing KD1053 IC, cuts the cost for 1Gb/s by 30%, compared to STP (shielded twisted pair of copper wires),” explained Carlos Pardo, CEO and co-founder of KDPOF.

“By constructing the transimpedance amplifier, photodiode, LED driver, and LED as one single device, the integrated KD9351 provides efficient optical connectivity for safe backbone and ADAS sensor links in vehicles.”

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