Wayve enables autonomous driving across multiple vehicle types with single AI

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UK startup has revealed details of an AI system that can autonomously drive two different types of vehicle.

The scalable systems aim to bring automated vehicles (AVs) to the UK and other countries by enabling the same AI model to autonomously drive two different vehicles, a passenger car and a van.

By using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the company seeks to build an onboard driving intelligence solution with a lean, camera-first sensing stack. Flexible by design, the system can then easily be fitted to alternative vehicle types to a enable a vehicle to drive completely autonomously in a city which it may have never seen before.

Wayve states that the company’s AI model has the necessary capabilities to autonomously drive a wide range of electric vehicles in a variety of cities without any changes to the EV’s system. Wayve believes the solution will support the scaling of AV technology across several markets in addition to providing a vehicle-agnostic system which is capable of supporting different vehicle types.

“To build AV technology that can be applied to any vehicle, we need an intelligent solution that’s capable of learning different driving behaviors and applying them to new scenarios,” said Alex Kendall, co-founder and CEO, Wayve. “In machine learning, this is called generalization. It’s a core feature of AV2.0 and we’ve now demonstrated that our AI system can adapt to different vehicles, as well as new cities. This is an industry first achievement that shows we’re developing vehicle-agnostic AV technology that can support the different use cases for this technology.

“We’re excited to continue developing our technology and begin commercial trials in the UK this year. To realize the full potential of self-driving technology and see the UK lead in this global tech sector, it is essential that legislation is put in place to keep pace with our technology.”

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