TomTom launches two new technologies for autonomous driving


TomTom has revealed TomTom AutoStream and TomTom MotionQ. The former is a map delivery service, launched with Baidu and Zenuity. Vehicles can use the latest map data, streamed from the TomTom cloud, to create a horizon for the road ahead.

TomTom MotionQ is a predictive driving concept designed to enhance passenger comfort in self-driving vehicles.

Meanwhile, TomTom is also working with Qualcomm to fuse the TomTom HD Map with camera technologies and GPS data from the Qualcomm Drive Data Platform, to enable highly precise and reliable localisation for autonomous driving.

“Whether you talk about smart mobility, connected cars or autonomous driving, the minimum common denominator is navigation technologies,” said Harold Goddijn, CEO at TomTom. “The future of mobility relies on a mix of HD maps, real-time maps, advanced navigation software and live data from vehicle sensors. That’s why this year we’ve made key introductions to drive this future, with the launch of TomTom AutoStream, TomTom MotionQ, and important partnerships with the likes of Baidu and Zenuity.”

In other news, TomTom’s automotive-grade navigation software topped the TIOBE Software Quality Award league tables in all three categories: for large-, mid- and small-sized projects.


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