b-plus GmbH

b-plus GmbH
Ulrichsberger Str. 17
94469 Deggendorf
+49 991 270302-0

b-plus GmbH is a medium-sized, internationally leading technology company in the automotive industry and in the field of automation of mobile machines. It supports its global customers with software and hardware solutions, among others for applications such as automated and autonomous driving, and in the field of vehicle sensor technology.

b-plus is a pioneer, technology driver and engineering partner for the development, testing and validation of ECUs and driver assistance systems.

One of our most successful products is the BRICK system, a measurement platform that is especially designed for the data acquisition of high-bandwidth sensors, ECUs, etc. It faces current and future requirements like permanent and highly time aware data acquisition as well as extreme computing performance. The modular platform is adjustable for individual requirements.

Learn more on https://www.b-plus.com/BRICK