V2V demonstrated for motorsport safety

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V2X chipset specialist Autotalks has teamed with Israeli startup Griiip, which is working on a single-seat race car, to demonstrate how V2V could improve safety in professional and amateur racing. The demonstration was held on March 15, 2018 on a motorsport track in Be’er Sheva, Israel. Griiip’s G1 race cars were fitted with Autotalks’ V2X solution, based on the Craton2 chipset.

The solution is designed to understand when a race car seriously endangers the safety of other drivers – for example when a driver loses control of the car and stops in a dangerous place on the track or when a car slows down unexpectedly. In such scenarios, an alert is immediately sent to all approaching drivers. The alert consists of flashing yellow lights and a buzzer sound which increases in intensity as the car gets closer to the danger area. The companies say that by providing an instant, clear warning, rather than waiting for the yellow flag, on-track accidents can be avoided, which often become chain accidents because of the high speeds involved.

“The fact that Autotalks and Griiip have been the first to successfully demonstrate a motorsport V2V solution on a racetrack is not a coincidence,” said Hagai Zyss, CEO of Autotalks. “The demonstration is not only a testament to our commitment to saving lives through effective V2V technology, it also shows that our technology is robust enough to meet the extremely demanding and high-speed environment of racing, where accidents are so frequent. We intend to keep demonstrating life-saving V2V implementations in as many environments as possible.”

“Griiip acts as a development platform and gateway for new technologies into the world of motorsport, aiming to improve its every aspect, while keeping safety in top priority,” said Tamir Plachinsky, CEO of Griiip. “Using Autotalks’ technology, we are able to provide the G1 drivers with immediate and accurate warnings, keeping them safer on the track.”

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