Innovative AV technology from DeepRoute at CES

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Self-driving startup DeepRoute, a CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree, launched three new technologies at the recent trade show.

The first, DeepRoute-Tite, is the company’s computing platform solution to migrate the algorithm required for Level 4 level autonomous driving to the vehicle-level computing platform Nvidia Xavier, reducing cost, size and power consumption to 45W, according to DeepRoute. The platform solution uses Xavier to process autonomous driving modules such as perception, prediction, decision-making, planning and control, along with navigation.

DeepRoute is also launching its first-generation vehicle camera, DeepRoute-Vision. The vehicle camera is claimed to have a higher dynamic range than other products on the market, for optimal performance even under bright sunlight or within a dark tunnel. Designed to handle LED bulb flicker, the camera can also accurately capture information displayed on LED screens.

The second-generation ADS Synchronization Controller, DeepRoute-Syntric, was also unveiled. The ADS controller can synchronize information from different types of sensors, enabling the perception algorithm to process sensor data aligned in the same standard. In the event that the sensors malfunction, the ADS controller can take control of the vehicle and perform emergency tasks such as braking.

“It is an honor to be joining international innovators at CES 2020,” said Shuang Gao, COO of DeepRoute. “We’ve worked hard over the last year to perfect our technologies and reinforce the safety of autonomous vehicles.”

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