Autotalks launches V2X solution that unifies DSRC and C-V2X

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Autotalks, a developer of V2X chipsets, has added C-V2X capability to its existing DSRC-enabled automotive chipset, thus bringing the two different V2X technologies together.

The chipset supports DSRC based on 802.11p/ITS-G5 standards and C-V2X based on 3GPP specifications.

While DSRC-based V2X is being deployed in the USA, Europe and Japan, C-V2X is gaining momentum in other regions. However, the two protocols are very different, so a dual-mode functionality has the potential to shorten the time to market for global connected vehicles.

The Autotalks solution uses existing automotive qualified AEC-Q100 grade 2 chipsets. The PC5 solution utilizes the globally defined 5.9GHz ITS spectrum for V2X and is cellular network agnostic.

“Autotalks is proud to announce that its existing second generation chipset can now support PC5,” said Hagai Zyss, CEO of Autotalks.

“It is a revolutionary stride proving Autotalks’s market leadership. This demonstrates that a truly secure global V2X solution could have only been developed by a company that has multidisciplinary experience in creating automotive safety communication solutions.

“We are committed to staying forward thinkers and bringing to mass-market a V2X solution that will save lives in all regions and protocols in the most cost-efficient manner.”

By Illya Verpraet

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