Inceptio Autonomous Driving System achieves 40,000,000km of accident-free trucking on China’s highways

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The Inceptio Autonomous Driving System from China-based Inceptio Technology has powered over 40,000,000km of trucking on highways in the country without a single accident, proving the safety and reliability of the company’s full-stack autonomous driving solution.

Since the end of 2021, Level 3 autonomous trucks from Inceptio have been in commercial operation. Through a collaboration with Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and Sinotruk, Inceptio has shipped hundreds of mass-produced heavy-duty trucks which have been designed from scratch for full integration with the Inceptio Autonomous Driving System. These trucks have been deployed in the line-haul logistics networks of Budweiser, Nestlé and others in China.

Inceptio states that its focus on mass production ensures that Level 3 autonomous trucks are highly reliable for OEMs to produce, and are affordable for fleet operators to procure and operate. Additional benefits include enhanced driver safety and lower shipping costs for end customers.

“We are incredibly proud of the stellar performance record that Inceptio trucks have amassed over the past two years.” said Julian Ma, founder and CEO of Inceptio Technology. “Across 40,000,000km of commercial operations, our Inceptio Autonomous Driving System has achieved a highly satisfactory on-time arrival rate for our customers with a perfect safety record.

“The Inceptio R&D team and the autonomous driving system itself are learning a tremendous amount from our fast-growing trove of operational data, and these insights will be invaluable as we speed up commercialization of our L3 solution and continue to hone our driverless solution. We look forward to sharing these achievements with industry partners as we explore opportunities to deploy our cutting-edge technology globally.”

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