Toyota and DMP update MD maps

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Toyota and Dynamic Map Platform (DMP) will build a proof of concept (PoC) to update HD maps using the Japanese car giant’s open software platform.

From April 2020, the PoC will demonstrate efficient updates to DMP’s maps using Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development’s (TRI-AD) Automated Mapping Platform (AMP) software to detect lane-level road features based on images and data from sensors.

Demand for HD maps has grown with the rise of automated driving and advanced driver assistance systems.

In the PoC, TRI-AD’s image-recognition technology automatically detects changes based on image data collected by commonly available cameras.

By focusing the survey fleet on areas of change as they occur, it is expected to demonstrate a significant reduction in the cost of operating the fleet and an acceleration of the map update to users including automotive manufacturers.

TRI-AD and DMP will demonstrate the ability to update DMP’s HD maps with improved efficiency using the automatic change-detection technology by AMP.

Mandali Khalesi, vice president of automated driving at TRI-AD, said, “This collaboration enables us to provide up-to-date map data for automotive manufacturers and other users, and accelerate technology development for AMP. Through this PoC, TRI-AD hopes to be able to offer safe and secure automated driving technology to users across the world.”

Hiroyuki Inahata, president of DMP, said, “With TRI-AD’s AMP change-detection technology, DMP Group can improve the coverage and cycle times of map updates. I also believe that this effort will help improve the map update service for all of our clients.”

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