New solution for virtual testing of AR HUDs

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A new partnership between Optis and Elektrobit (EB) aims to shorten time-to-market for augmented reality head-up display (AR HUD) systems. The companies are joining forces to offer virtual testing of such systems in a dynamic driving experience.

Optis and EB will provide a commercial off-the-shelf solution that can be used by car makers to develop and assess sensor fusion and augmented reality content. Optis has 29 years of experience in optics and light simulation. Its driving simulator, VRX, facilitates the assessment of intelligent lighting strategy and simulates sensor acquisition virtually. In parallel, EB’s new augmented reality solution, EB arware, collects and fuses sensor data that is then visualised on the car’s windscreen in augmented reality. The combined solution will enable car makers to experience light simulation, optics and augmented reality content in their virtual vehicle prototype.

With an AR HUD, pedestrians, road signs and other vehicles detected by the car’s sensors are highlighted and superimposed on the road via the windscreen display. This information can be used to warn drivers of a potential hazard or simply provide insight on their surroundings. Optis’s VRX makes it possible to virtually test several driving scenarios in real-life driving conditions to anticipate the detection of these dangers within a virtual environment.

“By combining our expertise, automakers will be able to assess augmented reality content in a lifelike driving experience,” said Ludovic Manillier, HUD solution director at Optis. “We are very proud to contribute to speeding up AR-HUDs’ time-to-market as virtual testing enables a very short iteration loop between embedded software development and test and driver experience.”

“Augmented reality is opening new doors for car makers and drivers. By augmenting the car’s environment, this solution aims to reassure the driver and give them total confidence in their vehicle,” said Martin Schleicher, executive vice president, head of business management, Elektrobit. “Car makers invest a lot of time and energy in selecting the best solution for their vehicles. Thanks to our partnership with Optis, they now can offer their customers a safer and more comfortable driving experience without having to procure new hardware.”

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