Siemens PLM supplies ITS technology for CAV research at American Center for Mobility


The American Center for Mobility (ACM), a testing, education and product development facility for future mobility in Michigan, has extended its cooperation with Siemens PLM. The new agreement means that Siemens will supply US$1m in ITS infrastructure software, and engineering support to ACM.

“This expanded partnership with Siemens enables ACM to be outfitted with the best infrastructure and applications to benefit our testers,” said Soraya Kim, chief innovation officer of the American Center for Mobility.

“Our goal is to provide our testers the means for exhaustive validation methodologies and comprehensive regulations for the safe deployment of connected vehicle technologies – something I am confident this extended partnership accomplishes.”

“Michigan has done an incredible job of ensuring its position as a leading technology hub for future transportation solutions, and the American Center for Mobility is an important cornerstone of that effort,” explained Marcus Welz, CEO of Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems.

By Illya Verpraet


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