Collaboration between NI and aiMotive for ASIL-D simulator

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Testing company NI and simulation specialist aiMotive are to collaborate on the integration of NI’s Veristand with aiMotive’s automated driving simulator (aiSim) to create an end-to-end hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) setup for automated driving systems, that models multiple high-definition cameras and physics accurately in real time, with real frame rate and time-synced with radar simulation.

Szabolcs Jánky, product manager of aiSim, said, “NI’s 40+ years of industry experience and their open attitude was key for us to be able to develop a state-of-the-art solution for central automated driving ECU testing. We are sure that no one will be able to solve the complex problem of virtual validation alone – that’s why partnerships like ours with NI are vital to move the industry forward.”

Following the recent announcement of aiSim 3.0, aiMotive states it hopes to find the most accurate way of modeling high-fidelity sensor setups for real-time HiL testing. With the help of features like multi-node capability, aiSim can now distribute sensor simulation across multiple server nodes. Alongside this, aiSim’s sensor simulation engine provides a single interface toward the GPUs for all tasks required for the physics-based simulation of sensors, including cameras, lidars, radars and ultrasonics.

By integrating NI Veristand into the setup, the testing of ECUs is enabled, as well as of complete vehicles with complex sensor setups required for advanced automated driving. Traditional HiL functions such as analyzing timing issues, simulating sensor failures and fault injection testing can be carried out, but the integrated solution enables complex scenario-based verification, including perception in real-time environments creating a new method for virtual validation.

“At NI, it is our goal to create a connected ADAS and AD validation workflow by bringing together people, ideas and technology to maximize product quality and speed up development,” commented Nicholas Keel, offering manager for ADAS Validation at NI. “Therefore, it is necessary to connect the best solutions from agile subject matter experts like aiMotive up to IT infrastructure and cloud technology giants.”

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