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Software and SaaS solutions company understand.ai has won Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Best Practices Market Leadership Award in the European autonomous driving annotation solutions market.

Understand.ai specializes in automated ground truth data annotations using artificial intelligence. Following an evaluation period, Frost & Sullivan awarded the company for its fast growth and its ability to make AI accessible for automated annotated solutions in real-world scenarios for the ADAS and autonomous driving market.

“Understand.ai is addressing an unmet AD market need not easily replicated by competitors. Frost & Sullivan commends the company on its steadfast approach to focusing on providing robust core annotation products backed by machine learning and AI expertise,” said Steven Lopez, best practices research analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

As outlined in the Frost & Sullivan report, ”Understand.ai is one of the world’s top providers that develop AI-driven data annotation solutions for the AD industry, working with world-renowned automotive clients in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.“

With its wide range of automotive domain expertise, understand.ai can provide complex ground truth ADAS/AD programs at scale with consistently high quality. The company caters to an array of ADAS/AD requirements, annotation types and sensor data formats, in addition to providing 2D bounding boxes, 3D lidar point cloud annotations and 3D sensor fusion projects.

The company’s portfolio can be used for training and validation to produce ground truth data in the ADAS/AD development process. The firm also provides a labeling service for training data. More often than not, training data projects come with moderate data volumes and highly variable and demanding labeling. Understand.ai’s highly flexible labeling platform can tailor workflows to meet customer requirements. This enables the company to excel in sensor fusion projects with complex multi-sensor setups that require sophisticated frame registration, lidar scan stitching, ego-motion compensation, motion distortion compensation, ground-plane estimates, highly precise 3D to 2D projections and multi-camera labeling, among other things.

The SaaS solutions company can also carry out very large validation projects that can only be processed with an exceptionally high amount of automation. With proven success in automating complete labeling workflows, manual work can be significantly reduced while still delivering consistently high quality in a predictable and sufficient timeframe.

“Receiving Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Award proves our leadership position in the annotation market,” commented Jürgen Daunis, understand.ai’s CEO. “By applying our AI-based technology and our domain competence, we provide value for our customers, accelerating the development process and ensuring the right data quality.”

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