Sibros aims to eradicate all vehicle recalls for software problems by 2032

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Connected vehicle software business Sibros has revealed details of, a software-related recalls analytics dashboard.

Stated to be an industry first, the Sibros dashboard was developed as part of the company’s vision to eradicate all software-related vehicle recalls by 2032. At present, vehicle recalls are a costly and inefficient issue for OEMs. Sibros believes that by providing over-the-air software management and updates, connected vehicle data and partnerships, software-related recalls could be eliminated.

The standalone vehicle recall tracker website currently provides data for the US market but will expand with additional data sets further down the line. By clicking on the Recall Cause tab, users can see that in 2021 an estimated 29 million vehicles recalls were recorded in the USA – with six million of these due to software or electronic components. So far this year, there have been 5.6 million recalls for the same problems, up from four million for the same period last year. The rise is attributed to more software-designed vehicles being delivered.

Sibros aims to connect and manage all software and data between vehicles, networks and the cloud, to aid OEMs in providing security and feature upgrades, in addition to software recall fixes, remotely and at scale.

Currently, many OEMs are using Sibros’s connected vehicle products – including OTA Deep Updater, OTA Deep Logger and OTA Command Manager – to support the next generation of software-defined vehicles. These products enable easier software integration and management across entire vehicle lifecycles, and enable manufacturers to collect data, diagnose issues and update software with fixes via a secure connection. By doing so, vehicles do not need to be recalled to their own respective manufacturers, saving the OEM money and the customer time.

“It may seem ambitious, but with global OEMs looking to eradicate the internal combustion engine and lean on electric power for more efficient powertrains, this forms an opportunity for OTA services to take the lead, ensuring these vehicles and systems are more efficient on the road,” commented Hemant Sikaria, co-founder, Sibros.

“More than 382,000 vehicles in the UK have been affected by safety recalls so far in 2022. Not all are software-related, but when looking at the data, you can see that software recalls impact some of the largest OEMs and, as a result, millions of vehicles. That’s what we see with the OTA opportunity. We [Sibros’s team] want to stop vehicles being recalled due to software defects alone. We know it’s possible, too.

“Not all hardware recalls can be fixed with a push of a button, but software-related issues can be mitigated sooner with the help of a vehicle-wide remote software management solution that utilizes connected vehicle data to sense and fix defects before and when they do occur. That’s why we’re looking to the future with a vision that, by 2032, software-related vehicle recalls can be a thing of the past. To do this, (eradicate vehicle recalls related to software by 2032) our team believes OEMs, suppliers and systems must rethink how they approach the production process and their organizational DNA with a software-first mindset.”

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