Nira Dynamics joins Renovo AWare platform

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AV fleets using Renovo’s AWare platform will in future benefit from Nira Dynamics’ Road Surface Information (RSI) software, which uses the sensors on road vehicles to measure and predict road grip and aggregate the data with maps.

Knowledge of road conditions is essential for the safe deployment of AVs. Nira Dynamics’ solution uses high-resolution sampling of the vehicle’s embedded sensors and controllers in parallel with computer vision algorithms running on the vehicle and ingesting camera feeds to parse and verify predictions of road grip.

This data is routed to a backend where it is aggregated and made available as map layers for use by third parties, including operators of AVs.

“We share Renovo’s vision of an open, interoperable, on-demand ecosystem where best-in-class technologies like Nira Dynamics RSI are combined to bring about automated mobility safely, quickly and economically,” said Gustav Kristiansson, manager for new technologies at Nira Dynamics.

“We are excited for Nira Dynamics RSI to operate in the AWare ecosystem helping to make automated vehicles safer by providing detailed grip data and generating revenue for fleet operators.”

“Nira Dynamics is a leading creator of road surface information technology, and is an important addition to the AWare ecosystem,” said Chris Heiser CEO and co-founder of Renovo.

“Not only does Nira Dynamics RSI help automated driving systems perform better in adverse and emergency situations by having more precise grip information but it also provides a new revenue stream to automated mobility fleet operators running AWare.”

By Illya Verpraet

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