Figure Eight launches object tracking solution


Figure Eight, a machine learning platform, has launched a machine learning-assisted video object tracking solution for AV navigation, among other applications.

The software can track objects across a number of video frames and incorporates AI to improve its predictions based on corrections by humans reviewing the machine predictions.

“Training data is the bottleneck to making AI work at scale in the real world today. Unfortunately, human-only annotation solutions cannot meet the market demands of training data volume and quality,” said Robert Munro, CTO of Figure Eight.

“The only viable solution to creating high-quality training data at scale is to combine the best of machine learning and human intelligence. We’ve spent the last year integrating a deep learning ensemble model into the Figure Eight platform, so we can apply billions of compute cycles to the billions of human judgments previously generated for computer vision and natural language processing use cases.”

By Illya Verpraet


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