Customized artificial intelligence for every occupant with Nvidia Drive Concierge

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Nvidia’s Drive Concierge platform extends intelligent features to each interior occupant using the Drive AGX compute platform, Drive IX software stack and Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE).

Capabilities of the system include extremely clear graphics in the cockpit and instrument cluster, in addition to intelligent digital assistants, driver and occupant monitoring for improved levels of vehicle safety and streaming content consisting of games and films.

Drive Concierge is run on the cross-domain Drive platform, enabling it to virtualize and host multiple virtual machines on a single chip for faster development.

By using a centralized architecture, the platform delivers driver information and a wide array of cockpit and infotainment functions. It also supports the Android Automotive operating system, allowing OEMs to easily customize and scale in-vehicle infotainment offerings.

When the vehicle is being controlled by AI, a detailed view of its perception and planning layers is displayed in 3D graphics, allowing drivers and passengers to always see what the AI is seeing or doing. This is possible because Drive Concierge is integrated with Drive Chauffeur to provide 360°, 4D visualization with low latency.

For infotainment, passengers can watch videos and play games on any vehicle screen using the Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming service. This gives access to over 1,400 titles without needing to download anything. Automatic updates and unlimited cloud storage also feature within the system.

For additional safety, Drive Concierge uses interior sensors and deep neural networks for driver monitoring. The smart solution ensures a driver’s attention is on the road when AI is not in control of the vehicle. Passenger monitoring is also possible.

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