Vueron partners with Cognata Technology to advance lidar perception software

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Vueron has chosen ADAS and AV simulation software business Cognata as its simulation partner to boost company developments within the area of lidar perception software for autonomous driving systems.

With the global ADAS market estimated to reach US$90.1bn by 2030, Vueron seeks to accelerate the development of robust and reliable lidar perception software to support the development of ADAS technology, as this is vital to meet the safety and regulatory requirements being put in place.

Vueron will have access to Cognata’s ADAS and AV simulation software, enabling it to improve its testing and validation of lidar perception algorithms while ensuring reliability and performance in real-world scenarios.

A large amount of high-quality data is required to meet demand for high-performance ADAS and autonomous driving systems. However, this significant amount of data is difficult to process in the real world, which is why Vueron chose to use Cognata’s simulation technology to enhance its own software solutions. During R&D, Vueron validated the data under an array of environmental conditions to ensure its perception technology works effectively in all weather scenarios.

“We are excited to have Cognata as our simulation provider to drive innovation in lidar perception software for ADAS and autonomous driving,” said Joseph Kim, founder and CEO of Vueron. “By leveraging Cognata’s advanced simulation software and proprietary algorithms, we can accelerate the development of our perception systems and propel the deployment of safe ADAS and autonomous vehicles.”

“Cognata is proud to be selected as Vueron’s simulation provider to advance lidar perception software,” added Danny Atsmon, founder and CEO of Cognata. “Our collaboration with Vueron, combining Cognata’s cutting-edge ADAS and AV simulation software with Vueron’s expertise, will pave the way for accelerated development of perception systems, ensuring faster and more accurate progress toward the deployment of safe autonomous vehicles.”

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