Metamoto to launch simulation as a service in August


Metamoto, a Silicon Valley startup, announced it will be offering AV simulation as a service starting in August. The service will give simulation access to companies who may not be large enough to have suitable simulation capabilities in-house. It will include three programmes to cover most AV simulation needs.

“Simulation offers an immediate means to train and test the performance of automated systems in a risk-free environment, allowing auto makers to accelerate to their autonomous vehicle production timelines,” said CEO Chad Partridge. “Metamoto’s offering is designed to give every player in the mobility space – not just the largest top dogs – a tool to test their AV in a virtual world, ensuring safe deployment in the real world.”

There are three components to the offering. Director is a scalable, parameterised simulator that allows tests with a spectrum of environmental and hardware parameters and unique edge cases. Designer allows users to build parameterised scenarios via a visual editor. Finally, Analyzer is a systems debugger tool, for assessing a vehicle’s performance in specific simulations.

Metamoto says that its offering is scalable, that it is interoperable with a wide range of mobility solutions such as Renovo’s AWare ecosystem and it allows a wide range of parameters and sensors including lidar, camera, radar, GPS and IMU.

The simulation service is inserted into the AV product lifecycle with tools like Jenkins and Jira. Metamoto claims this allows for seamless regression testing, agile workflows, version control every time vehicle software, sensors or infrastructure change.

By Illya Verpraet


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