dSpace unveils target simulators for 4D radar development

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Test and development specialist dSpace has released its DARTS 9040-G, a target simulator for the testing of 4D radar sensors.

The company says the 9040-G is the first simulator in the world to process multiple radar signals simultaneously, with a bandwidth of up to 5GHz. This, it says, allows for the efficient and reliable development of high-resolution radar sensors for driver assistance systems and autonomous driving.

To precisely capture driving scenarios, self-driving vehicles must have high-resolution radar sensors that provide detailed information, such as with height, distance and speed of objects with a wide field of view. dSpace notes that the new target simulator simultaneously covers the high frequency range of 76-81GHz and features a compact HF front end, easing repositioning for new test setups.

Dr Andreas Himmler, senior product manager for automotive radar systems at dSpace, stated, “We have worked with various pilot users to verify that the DARTS 9040-G reconciles two extremes: the signal purity of a passive delay line and the flexibility and range of functionality of an electronic radar target simulator.”

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