DARTS 9040-GT radar target simulator enables separation tests of automotive 4D sensor solutions

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To expand its portfolio of radar target simulators for testing automotive 4D sensors by a system which enables the precise simulation of two radar targets with high resolution, dSpace is launching the DARTS 9040-GT.

At present, validating the separation capability of ultra-high-resolution radar systems is a complex and time-consuming task which dSpace claims can be made more efficient and cost-effective through the use of the company’s Automotive Radar Test System (DARTS) 9040-GT.

The newly released solution enables the simulation of two targets with high precision and resolution by using an instantaneous bandwidth which covers the entire 5GHz of the automotive E-band. Up until now, two DARTS 9040-Gs had to be used in a test setup to complete this task, but the DARTS 9040-GT is itself able to simulate two targets, having been designed based on the company’s previous and field-proven DARTS 9040-G technology. The DARTS 9040-GT supports separation tests for radar targets that approach from different angles or for targets that are located at different distances but at the same angles.

“You can switch between the two tests with a single click, without having to change the test setup,” explained Dr Alexander Trapp, product manager of radar solutions, dSpace. “Since the range separation tests can be performed with a single high-frequency front end, they can be implemented very cost-effectively.”

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