LeddarTech releases beam steering tech for lidar developers

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Sensing technology specialist LeddarTech has released the LeddarSteer system, a digital beam steering solution designed for lidar smart sensor developers and Tier 1-2 automotive suppliers.

Digital beam steering refers to a system that changes the direction of laser pulses in a lidar. Using a stack of alternating liquid crystal cells and polarization gratings, it is possible to steer light at different angles at a specific wavelength, in order to augment a lidar field of view while maximizing its performance.

The company states that digital beam steering offers a range of benefits to lidar and smart sensor developers and Tier 1 and 2 customers. For example, on the fly adjustment of the beam can be achieved via software, including frame-by-frame adjustment. It is also compatible with a wide range of lidar architectures and allows a single lidar to address multiple use cases. The solution also provides an enhanced signal-to-noise ratio by concentrating laser power on a small region of interest while reducing the size, cost and complexity of components while maintaining or increasing the pixel count and resolution.

“For well over a decade, LeddarTech has been a leader in developing sensing solutions that enable our customers to deliver high-performance ADAS and AD sensors,” stated Charles Boulanger, CEO of LeddarTech. “LeddarSteer is the only digital beam steering smart component designed for mass production with the flexibility, reliability, cost, size and performance required by the most demanding 3D sensing applications and supported by standard automotive manufacturing process.”

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