LeddarTech launches robust, solid-state lidar for AD applications

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LeddarTech, a developer of Level 1-5 ADAS and AD sensing technology, has launched its Leddar Sight product, which it says is a robust, cost-effective 2D solid-state lidar sensor. Housed in a weatherproof enclosure, it uses flash illumination to deliver continuous, accurate detection and range of objects and obstacles in its entire field of view, without any moving parts.

Based on the Leddar M16 2D flash lidar module, the new sensor leverages a 100% solid-state design for robustness, and also features a weatherproof casing (IP67/IP69 rated) that resists dust ingress, immersion and pressurized water streams. Thanks to its robust enclosure, M12 connector and various FoV options, the sensor can be rapidly integrated into prototypes and used to collect field data for software development, LeddarTech says.

“This new offering in our 2D flash lidar portfolio addresses a critical need expressed by our customers for a reliable, affordable lidar sensor that can operate in challenging conditions where shocks, vibrations, water and dust ingress, and wide operating temperature ranges are key concerns,” said Daniel Aitken, VP of global marketing, communications and product management at LeddarTech.

“Unlike mechanical lidars, Leddar Sight uses a proven solid-state flash design which delivers much longer inherent MTBF, and its robust casing makes it field-ready for 24/7 operation in the harshest commercial and industrial settings.”

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