Innoviz Technologies to develop B-samples of new lidar platform for BMW AVs

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Innoviz Technologies and the BMW Group are embarking on an expanded partnership, initiating a B-sample development phase for an upcoming iteration of lidar technology. The new development agreement will see Innoviz manufacturing the B-Samples based on its second-generation InnovizTwo lidar sensor.

Having previously worked together to introduce lidar-enabled highly automated technology into the upcoming BMW 7 Series, the companies are now shifting their focus toward next-generation technology by initiating the B-sample stage. The outcome of this phase will enable the BMW Group to determine the viability of a serial development partnership with Innoviz, with the objective of introducing an array of advanced automated functionalities to the BMW model line-up.

In addition to the lidar solution for the 7 Series, the BMW Group and Innoviz are working to develop a lidar-based minimal risk maneuver (MRM) system. Functioning as an additional safety-oriented driving decision platform, the MRM harnesses the capabilities of the InnovizTwo lidar sensor – such as its performance, dependability and robustness – to manage real-time driving decisions.

“Lidar is one of the critical technologies underpinning Level 3 or even higher automated functions. Optimizing lidar technologies and costs are the major challenges in order to bring Level 3 highly automated driving into the mainstream,” said Nicolai Martin, senior vice president of the Driving Experience BMW Group. “We are very pleased to have Innoviz develop the first B-Samples of this new lidar generation and hope that the results of the B-Sample phase create a basis for a possible future extension of our collaboration.”

“From our work with the BMW Group over the past several years, we know that they operate with some of the highest standards in the automotive industry,” added Omer Keilaf, co-founder and CEO, Innoviz. “We are excited to begin this new project on the second-generation lidar solution by working on the B-samples. BMW is at the forefront of ADAS technology, and we could not be more thrilled to have an opportunity to become an integral part of the next stage of its journey.”

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