Denso details latest ADAS sensor suite

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Japanese electronics supplier Denso has released details of its Global Safety Package 3, a third-generation suite of sensors for AV and ADAS application, including on the latest offerings from manufacturers including Hino and Toyota.

The Global Safety Package uses the combined performance of a millimeter-wave radar sensor and a vision system. The millimeter-wave radar sensor detects the shapes of road objects, such as vehicles and guardrails, while the vision sensor uses a camera to detect the environment ahead of the vehicle.

Denso notes that compared with its previous Safety Package, the radar now has a wider detection angle, longer detection range and improved speed resolution. Moreover, thanks to its improved detection capability and reduced size and cost, the radar sensor has fewer installation requirements and can be used in more vehicle types and models.

The camera system also has a wider horizontal field of view to help with collision avoidance at intersections, as well as a longer range to detect road objects in front of the vehicle. This assists the operation of adaptive cruise control and lane-change maneuvers over a broader speed range. Furthermore, the product uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve sensing performance and assistance functions such as headway distance control – the ability to maintain a consistent distance from a preceding vehicle – and traffic sign recognition.

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