Volvo introduces latest ADAS and safety features for EX30 SUV

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For its latest EX30 small SUV, Volvo has introduced an array of Safe Space Technology features to provide additional protection for vehicle occupants and pedestrians.

One of these technologies is a door-opening alert to help reduce so-called ‘dooring accidents’, which occur when a door is opened into the path of a moving cyclist. The system provides audio and visual cues to tell the occupant that they are about to open the door in front of a passing cyclist or other traffic user.

Despite being the smallest SUV ever made by Volvo, the OEM has designed to car to deliver a high level of safety for all occupants through the use of advanced restraint technology and a structural design in which the safety cage, A, B and C pillars and the roof have all been strengthened. There has also been a particular focus on battery integrity, with the chassis and safety cage manufactured using high-strength steel to offset forces in the event of an accident.

Several other new and advanced driver-alert systems also feature as standard on the EX30, such as hands-on detection in the steering wheel and a sensor system that detects eye and face movements 13 times per second to establish whether a driver is distracted, drowsy or inattentive. Additionally, an intersection auto brake feature is included to prevent accidents at intersections.

“We have long had a focus on safety in city environments where cars share space with pedestrians and cyclists,” said Åsa Haglund, the head of Volvo’s Safety Centre. “With the Volvo EX30, we are taking city safety to the next level, creating a small SUV that is your perfect companion for a comfortable driving experience, while it looks after you and other people on the busy streets of modern cities.”

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