Magna offers camera-based driver monitoring system to detect distracted driving

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Magna is offering a new driver monitoring system that alerts drivers when they take their eyes off the road for too long. The market-ready solution is integrated into an interior mirror and meets global regulations related to the detection of distracted driving. It utilizes proven camera-based technology to monitor the driver’s head, eye and body movement to detect distracted behavior, drowsiness and fatigue.

In addition, the technology accounts for normal driving actions, such as looking in the side-view mirrors. If distracted behavior is detected, the driver is alerted through customizable audible or visual notifications. Integrating the camera with the interior mirror provides the best unobstructed view to the driver and offers the best vantage point for additional occupant monitoring features. The system is scalable to also include features such as child presence detection, seatbelt detection and identification of specific passengers to enable user preference memory settings.

Distracted driving: a major problem

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) marks each April as Distracted Driving Month – a stark reminder that distracted driving has become one of the leading causes of accidents and fatalities on US roads. NHTSA estimates that distracted driving killed 3,142 people in 2019, a 10% increase from 2018.

Magna hopes its new system will reduce those figures. The company says its flexible, full-systems approach allows driver monitoring technology to be easily integrated in an interior mirror or other vehicle structures utilizing a camera and electronic control unit, or camera and domain controller solution based on the varying needs of customers.

“Magna’s driver monitoring system offers auto makers and consumers a future-focused solution that addresses a significant societal issue – distracted driving,” said John O’Hara, president of Magna Mirrors and Electronics. “The system is a natural extension of our leadership expertise in cameras and mirror technology and demonstrates our systems-level approach that brings innovative solutions to industry challenges.”

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