Layer Joyns the rideshare revolution

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Layer has presented Joyn, a near-future concept for an autonomous ridesharing platform to reward sustainable behavior and make rideshares more desirable.

The London, UK-based industrial and digital design company says Joyn offers a more private, safer and eco-friendly alternative to existing rideshares, alleviating eco-guilt of single-passenger rides.

Modular seat pairs were designed for maximum privacy with dynamic wings that can either be kept closed or opened to create a “buddy seat”.

The interior takes design cues from residential designs rather than transport, and the seatbacks feature stowable tables with smart-tech provisions.

The exterior has been designed as a smart glass ‘bubble’ on which information specific to each passenger is displayed to the interior via transparent OLEDs.

On Layer’s Twitter feed, it said, “Joyn isn’t just a rideshare concept – it’s a call to action for other sustainable initiatives and a social platform for a like-minded community.”

Also on Twitter, Layer added, “Joyn is a future concept for an autonomous rideshare platform that can be adapted to different types of travel – from everyday commuting to airport pick-up and drop-off.”

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