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Bestmile has developed an orchestration platform to make sure autonomous vehicles are in the right place at the right time.

The platform offers vehicle providers a service for procurement, route planning, matching of vehicles and passengers and maintenance management.

Vehicles are networked via a cloud system, removing the need to install hardware or software. Cloud software is individually adapted to the needs of each mobility provider and ensures the right vehicle is sent to the right place.

Anne Mellano, co-founder of Bestmile, said, “This is about more than just getting people from A to B. It is actually an extremely complex undertaking. It’s about instructing each vehicle – and these can number into the hundreds or thousands – in real time.”

In the future, Mellano believes Mobility as a Service will become increasingly important as customers look for apps for door-to-door planning and booking of journeys with affordable and comfortable options.

Mellano said, “Cities will increasingly restrict vehicular access to their centers and mobility providers will have to synchronize more and more with public transport. Shared services will need a platform like ours, behind the app, to ensure the fleets are optimized and work jointly with other modes.”

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