AdaSky supplies thermal cameras for AVs

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AdaSky has won a contract to supply thermal cameras for an electric vehicle auto maker’s Level 4 autonomous vehicle.

The Israeli firm’s Viper thermal camera can fill perception gaps not covered by other technologies.

Viper’s sensors can recognize pedestrians at distances greater than 200m (656ft), seeing and classifying vulnerable road users at distances far beyond high-beam headlights through cutting-edge algorithms.

AdaSky’s technology works in all weather conditions unlike sensors limited by ‘edge’ cases, including complete darkness and dense fog.

Yakov Shaharabani, CEO of AdaSky, said, “Thermal sensing is a key component for robust ADAS [advanced driver assistance systems]and AV solutions for all-around roadway safety and optimal vehicle automation, and we are thrilled to see our Viper sensor in production with a forward-looking and innovative OEM.”

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