RoboSense launches lidar solution for robotaxis

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RoboSense’s RS-Fusion-P5 complete lidar perception solution for robotaxis made its debut in China in November and has now been launched in global markets, too. Equipped with an RS-Ruby and four RS-BPearl units, RoboSense considers the RS-Fusion-P5 to be an alternative to Waymo’s lidar solution that can further accelerate the development of robotaxis.

RoboSense RS-Fusion-P5 uses an RS-Ruby on top of the vehicle to ensure a sensing range with a radius of more than 200m. However, even if the vertical field of view (FOV) of RS-Ruby reaches the perfect angles from -25° to +15°, there is still a small blind zone around the vehicle body. To cover it, four RS-BPearl short-range units are embedded sideways around the vehicle to form a hemisphere FOV scanning area relative to the vehicle’s perspective, to guarantee a complete 360° surround view.

To empower Level 4 or above autonomous vehicles with full-stack perception capabilities, the RS-Fusion-P5 solution fuses point clouds from RS-Ruby and RS-BPearl in real time, and generates laser points at a rate of more than 4.6m per second. Through its advanced AI perception algorithms, multi-sensor fusion and synchronization interfaces, vehicles are able to identify all-around obstacles and position easily and precisely, according to RoboSense.

RS-Ruby achieves the anti-interference of multiple lidar using special laser encryption technology to filter interference signals and is not affected by direct sunlight, according to its maker. Meanwhile the four embedded RS-BPearls form a hemispherical FOV coverage of 90° x 360°, which can not only precisely identify objects around the vehicle body such as pets and children, but can also detect the actual height information under particular scenarios such as bridge tunnels and culverts, further supporting autonomous vehicles for driving decision making and greatly improving car safety.

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