Aceinna and Point One Navigation launch OpenARC for ‘centimeter level’ precise positioning

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Inertial based guidance and navigation systems provider Aceinna is now offering OpenARC – a precise positioning hardware and software platform powered by Point One Navigation, for easy system integration of GNSS corrections with high-performance INS and RTK hardware.

Autonomous vehicle systems require position accuracy better than 10cm to achieve the performance targets and safety goals critical in autonomous applications. Unfortunately, GNSS alone falls short, enabling only meter-level position accuracy even under ideal operating conditions. A navigation system that includes an RTK positioning engine and GNSS corrections delivered from a ground-based network of secure base-stations has the potential to improve position accuracy to centimeter-level accuracy.

By combining Point One’s Polaris GNSS correction service with Aceinna’s OpenRTK330 hardware and software, OpenARC provides AV developers with high precision and confidence in positioning and localization applications, enabling centimeter-level accuracy for challenging tasks such as lane keeping.

OpenARC is integrated into the OpenRTK330LI navigation module to provide a secure, vertically integrated, and easy-to-use positioning platform. Aceinna says OpenARC offers an easy registration and activation process, and is very scalable, supporting single unit installations to high-volume deployments.

OpenARC is powered by Point One’s proprietary Polaris GNSS cloud correction service, built from the ground up for the needs of modern automotive and robotics customers. Polaris delivers impressive station density in urban centers and suburban surrounding areas, enabling cold convergence times of under 10 seconds.

Polaris provides continuous position monitoring and is the only network to track all modern satellite constellations, to boost accuracy and confidence. Fully owned by Point One, the Polaris network uses the latest in base station technology including advanced anti-jam, interference mitigation, security and integrity monitoring. Its powerful cloud-based correction architecture allows for GNSS corrections in Real Time Kinematic (RTK) or State Space Representation (SSR) configuration. Open-source interfaces provide compatibility with receivers and chipsets from multiple providers. The service is also compatible with any NTRIP/RTCM3 compliant receiver.

“We are excited to launch OpenArc, the most reliable, turn-key and affordable precise positioning solution on the market,” said Dr Yang Zhao, chairman and CEO of Aceinna. “OpenARC integrates high performance inertial navigation hardware and algorithms, with Point One’s unique technology, to deliver a complete high-performance positioning solution. This enables our customers to optimize their development costs by leveraging our combined expertise, which we now bring to many industries and applications together through our partnership.”

“Point One’s highly adaptable Polaris network is now fully deployed coast-to-coast, supporting many precise positioning and autonomous applications,” said Aaron Nathan, CEO and co-founder at Point One. “OpenARC delivers a precise yet affordable corrections-based solution that is easy to use and we are delighted to be working with an innovator such as Aceinna.”

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