JD Logistics and AutoCore.ai collaborate to develop an autonomous driving system for the logistics industry

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A partnership formed between JD Logistics and AutoCore.ai – an intelligent mobility software and automotive electrical and electronic architecture (EEA) provider – will see the duo building an end-to-end and multiscenario autonomous driving system designed for applications within the logistics sector.

With AutoCore.ai being one of the founding members of the Autoware Foundation – the world’s largest open-source community for autonomous driving – JD Logistics will benefit from the company’s global R&D experience. As a result, JD Logistics will work with a wide variety of industry stakeholders to establish interconnection specifications and standards for data, algorithms, sensors, computing platforms and much more.

“We are thrilled to join forces with JD Logistics, a visionary leader in autonomous driving. Their relentless pursuit of innovation is poised to revolutionize the logistics industry, bringing about significant positive change,” said Dr Yang Zhang, chairman of AutoCore.ai and co-founder of the Autoware Foundation. “Through this partnership, we are inviting more ecosystem partners to join us in the pursuit of the large-scale deployment of autonomous driving solutions.”

Since 2016, JD Logistics has been working on the research and development of autonomous last-mile delivery vehicles, with its latest offering, the Generation Five Autonomous Delivery Vehicle, capable of carrying up to 200kg and traveling up to 100km per charge.

Supported by its R&D team and a significant amount of logistics data, JD Logistics developed the MVS-Fusion algorithm in March 2023. Using only visual 3D object detection, it reached a mean average precision of 55.54% without the need for future frame data. At present, the company has more than 600 autonomous vehicles in operation in 30 Chinese cities.

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