Virtual ‘Live’ Speaker Spotlight: Clara Marina Martinez, Porsche

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The development, testing and validation of ADAS/AD software is an onerous process. Complex sensor systems need to be integrated and a wealth of corner cases must be identified and accounted for, not to mention millions of kilometers of virtual vehicle testing and certification. All of these elements place a considerable emphasis on simulation. As a result, Porsche has developed its Porsche Engineering Virtual ADAS Testing Centre (PEVATeC) to provide a virtual platform for end-to-end software development and testing.

To discover more on this subject, check out Porsche Engineering development engineer, Clara Marina Martinez’s presentation at next week’s Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Virtual ‘Live’ (8, 9, 10 December, 2020). During the online conference, which is free to join, Clara will provide an overview of the systems Porsche has developed in order to improve its simulation program and reduce development timescales and costs. “In my opinion, ADAS is not possible without simulation,” she notes.

She will address not only the issues surrounding virtual vehicle testing, but also the role of simulation in areas such as NCAP testing and certification. Additionally, other considerations such as sensor positioning early in a vehicle’s development cycle (which can also be assessed via simulation) will be covered.

As Martinez explains, the perfect tool that places these many diverse elements in a single place does not exist. However, many high-quality software solutions are able to simulate sensors, traffic, vehicle dynamics, driver behavior and realistic environments with a high level of detail, which Porsche brings together in PEVATeC.

From the 3D engines used for scene creation through to the integration of SIL and HIL resources, Martinez will explain how PEVATeC has become an ever-evolving conglomeration of separate tools, which can be tailored to meet the specific demands of Porsche’s ongoing projects.

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