VicOne and TomTom to deliver multi-layered cybersecurity for connected vehicles through smart cockpit software

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A partnership between VicOne and TomTom aims to protect the owners of connected cars by enabling OEMs to add additional protection for customers’ data privacy in-vehicle using VicOne’s smart cockpit cybersecurity software.

As more services are added to connected cars, including in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) apps, conference calling and gaming, the risk of vehicular cyberattacks increases, leading to the possible theft of users’ personal data.

To reduce the chances of this occurring, VicOne developed a security app called the xCarbon ECU intrusion detection and prevention system, which can be downloaded and installed on a vehicle’s IVI system. The app protects private information and automatically detects malicious apps or URLs and alerts vehicle owners before any information is stolen or any damage is done to the vehicle’s systems. The protection system can also block apps or monitor private data 24/7. If an owner’s bank details are leaked, for example, the VicOne solution informs them, enabling action to be taken as quickly as possible.

The xCarbon ECU intrusion detection and prevention system will be combined with TomTom’s Digital Cockpit to provide vehicles with multi-layered cybersecurity.

“A connected cockpit unlocks a world of possibilities and potential pitfalls, and our partnership with VicOne underscores our everlasting commitment to ensure a uniquely safe and secure driver experience,” said Paul Hesen, VP of product management at TomTom. “Together, we are able to provide a single, consistent, cohesive and task-oriented digital cockpit that delivers peace of mind for consumers when inside the car.”

Edward Tsai, vice president of strategic partnership at VicOne, said, “With cars becoming supercomputers on wheels, the combination of comprehensive threat intelligence with network security expertise is more critical than ever. While personalized information is the future of mobility, a future-ready threat protection in-cabin is required. VicOne and TomTom share a vision for better digital lives in the cockpit; now we can bring the automotive ecosystem a step closer to this future.”

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