Samsung Electro-Mechanics to mass produce power inductors for electric and autonomous vehicles

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Samsung Electro-Mechanics has announced that it will begin the mass production of power inductors, a crucial electric and autonomous vehicle component. At present, vehicles can require up to 100 power inductors, and this is expected to more than double by 2030 as their use expands to next-gen vehicles such as electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

The power inductors will be used inside EV cameras with autonomous driving systems to provide stable power to semiconductors that process autonomous driving information. The power inductors also prevent sudden current changes from occurring.

Two types of 2016 size (2.0mm long and 1.6mm wide) power inductors have been developed by the company, with capacities of 1.0uH (microhenry) and 2.2uH. The power inductors are thin film products where thin coils are formed on the package substrates. This provides a higher productivity and miniaturization than wire wound types where the coils are wound on magnetic substances.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ latest solution also meets the AEC-Q200 automotive electronic component reliability test, enabling its use within a range of applications, including ADAS and in-vehicle infotainment.

“Power inductors are expected to experience high growth as the market for autonomous driving and electric vehicles expands,” said Chang Duckhyun, CEO of Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

“Samsung Electro-Mechanics plans to develop power inductors into the ‘second MLCC’ based on our differentiated technology through the convergence of materials and package substrate technologies.”

The announcement marks the first time that Samsung Electro-Mechanics is mass-producing automotive power inductors. 

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